Life as-is and the passage of time

by zylin

I went for yoga class last evening. At the end of the class the instructor said, “pause and note how you feel after the practice”. I paused, felt and noted this:-

“Much better than before the practice, but still like crap.”

But well we keep moving and trying.

Today is a new day; morning detox.


Had these in Malaysia and was disappointed; I thought Wrigley’s gum was supposed to be white, flat, wrapped in that good old silver foil and perfectly impractical.


A&W on our way back from PD; I classify it as something we didn’t treasure until it was gone or perhaps like only because it is gone.Image

E and I saw these at Bras Brasah; E says they are called “new old stock”, I call them a piece of my childhood.


The first photo below was how I was looking for a while, and then on a whim one day I chopped the hair off. I think I wanted to feel young and free again. In the aftermath, I think I realised (with some regret and ugliness) that hair, like time, once gone will never come back. But yet, new hair grows and freedom and happiness still lies somewhere and can be sought, with time.




Toodles and have a good weekend folks! (: