To morning spins with love.

by zylin

Many morning spins in my training programme this week; I love them. The wind, just keeping the cadence going and not thinking of speed, time or anything, singing to myself and screaming when I feel like it. It reminds me of the many morning rides I used to do on my own back in school, and makes me fall in love with cycling and my sport all over again (I do that-fall in love with my sport-every other day, hur).

I’ve been waking up a bit later (say, 515am instead of 4am) and sometimes I spend a bit of time with my loved ones before I head out of the house, so I end up riding in the peak period traffic towards the end of my ride. And I am starting to enjoy racing with the traffic – maybe because it is the only time I have a chance of winning.

Starting work now; another form of training, another fight which I chose in life. Ta!