Right; wrong.

by zylin


At Queenstown swimming complex for the morning’s training. It reminds of the swimming lessons the parents brought us to as kids, and the fried chicken drumsticks thereafter.

I attended the Singapore Meditation Lecture yesterday, delivered by ex president SR Nathan. He said that meditation used to be a way of life in Asia, but as societies and people became more money and pressure driven, people shifted to a more fault based perspective and the adversarial legal process became the norm by which disputes are resolved. I recalled that back in school  we used to think of the Asian countries who still resort mainly to “guan xi” and private settlement as a little lawless in a bad way. But it may not be. But yet, as pointed out by one of the panelists, the sense of justice should still be present – right and wrong does exist. Perhaps we can mediate successfully within our “self” and with life as well.

On another note, when the speaker and panelists were introduced and their accolades read, I thought how it was beyond me to be a speaker or panelist one day. Then I thought about what it took and how I would like to be both passionate and excellent at something one day.

Hopping into the fish tank now. (: