Humpty Dumpty Diaries – the fundamental things apply

by zylin

I watched Casablanca over the weekend and the song keeps singing in my head. “We’ll always have Paris” is the classic, but my favourite line is:-

“[I]t doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that.”

Slightly over two weeks ago, I had a double running day that ended with intervals I have never kept before; the next day I was feeling rather smug and chummy at having completed most (100km) of my round-island ride with the Athlete Lab guys, during which a teammate commented how much my endurance had improved since he first rode with me a few months back (yes, indeed). The next thing I knew, “SMACK” and I was sprawled on the opposite side East Coast Service Road.

No incoming cars at that moment, and no broken bones; thank the stars, moon and perhaps God. There were many cranks in the body – an abrasion here, a muscle strain there – and very little exercise in the last two weeks, which called for a good deal of adjustment on my part. I was (and still am) determined to adjust well and more, to take something away from the down time. Because wisdom is injury proof and I want to live and practise wisdom, to the best I can.

The reduced training output forced with to deal head on with my relationship with food. The fat kid with a sweet/salty/oily tooth still resides in me, juxtaposed beside the sort of wholesome eating and living I aspire towards. The lapses of the fat kid are usually brushed under the carpet of the caloric output from training;  during an injury they cannot.

I went for my first swim training since the crash this morning. Notwithstanding that the sets were easy, my hands ached so terribly it was laughable. As I bemoaned how that crawl I was effecting would have been easy on a normal day, I came to appreciate what my “normal” body was capable of and the difference that consistent hard work makes so that just 2 weeks off made such a great difference – things I usually take for granted as I wished I were improving faster, wished to be as fast as X, Y and Z, etc.

Happy Deepavali! (: