I am sure someone somewhere once said, “Go out there and be inspired” (2nd S’pore U23 Open C’ships 2012, Women’s 1500m)

I am sure someone somewhere once said, “Go out there and be inspired”. (Thoughts from the 2nd Singapore Under 23 Open Championships 2012, Women’s 1500m)

“Let yourself be in awe of another person, and you’ll feel strong and weak simultaneously.”


My main takeaway from taking part in the Singapore Open 1500m race last Sunday was inspiration, thanks to my encounter with Xin Qi in the course of it.

As a prelude, I fell sick last Friday. I pulled myself to MR for a 15km run with Pam on Sunday morning and felt happy to make much more out of my Sunday morning than I would have if I had stayed in bed. At MR, I met Sarah who kindly told me that I had a race that day. It turned out that E signed me up for the said 1500m race, which we both completely forgot about. As it was, my cranky system had been overtaxed by the morning run; it was tempting to skip it but that would not be satisfying. And just as the morning’s run had inspired me, I hoped that an attempt at the 1500m race would too. So I headed down to Bishan stadium to make the most of the race and of myself, and really to run and have a little bit of fun.

In the end, the best part of the race was the warm up with Xin Qi. I was amazed by how meticulously she planned the routine (the timing of the warm up, the drills and strides, reporting etc) and how she simply got down to carrying all those out without any hems and hahs. Surely, it is that sort of meticulous planning and square execution daily, that makes a champion as she is.

I warmed down with her as well. I commented that 1500m track training must be painful. She replied that it was “mental”, and she at times went for training feeling scared; because you knew that the sets were do-able, but the temptation to give up and take it easy would always come to you while you were going through them; and at the end of the day, you can give up and be comfortable, but then you will never do a good timing.

Thank you for the inspiration. (:

The race itself was so-so for me. It was a great run – 1500s are difficult; your legs burn and you run out of air – it is quite a lovely (erm, yes) feeling. But I thought that I let myself off a little too easy on the account of being sick and not wanting to push my body out of the edge; races are more meaningful when you leave everything out there.

Here is Xin Qi:


And here am I (hurhur):


And here is the link to the race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT3UuXakVMc&feature=plcp
Don’t laugh at my awful running!